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    LEDcure for sheet-fed printing

High performance LED UV systems


IST METZ GmbH offers LEDcure systems with high performance LEDs for the curing of inks and varnishes. For more than 30 years IST METZ with its headquarter in Nuertingen near Stuttgart, Germany, has developed, manufactured and sold UV systems. We are the market leaders in UV curing with UV lamps. All of our experience and know-how can now also be found in our high performance LED systems.


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  • Dry sheets in the delivery allow minimized job turn-around times 
  • UV inks have a high rub resistance – protective coating not required
  • Long service lifetime of the LEDs
  • Significant reduction of cleaning intervals on press and postpress equipment no spray powder, no ink rub
  • Format variable curing through flexible exposure width and deactivation in the gripper system saves energy costs
  • No warm-up and cool-down times - LEDs instantly available


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  • Brilliant colours with extended contrast even on non-coated st
  • Minimizes thermal impact – optimum for synthetic and temperature-sensitive substrates
  • No drying time after printing – extremely reduced delivery times


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Energy saving

  • No powder and no ozone – no air extraction required 
  • Less energy consumption in comparison to conventional IR and hot air dryers
  • LEDs are switched on/off instantly – no power consumption during standby 
  • Freely selectable exposure width saves energy and protects the environment
  • No mercury in the LEDs
  • No influence on the press room climate – no heat emission


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UV system LEDcure for sheet-fed printing

The water-cooled LED system LEDcure is, among other things, used in sheet-fed offset printing presses. The optimised optics allows for a high output with distances from at least 30 mm to the substrate. The UV unit is, once switched on, ready straight away. It also transmits very little heat to the substrate and has an extremely long service life.


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